War So Robe Donation of Political Parties and ForcesWar So Robe Donation of Political Parties and Forces

July 1, 2017, 10:30 AM,
The robe donation of political parties and forces base on Mandalay was held at National Unity Party’s Mandalay Division Committee Office. Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Chief Secretary Sayardawgyi, Mandalay Ma Ba Tha monks and Monks from Patriotic Myanmar Monks Union were attended to donation ceremony.
Ven Ka Sa Yade Na “Maw La Myine Monastery Sayardaw” from Nan Oo Monastery is award Five Precepts. Rejoice sermon was preached by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Chief Secretary Sayardawgyi Ven Ku Sa La (Parli Professor). After offering robe, pouring water for sharing merit and offered lunch. Almost all parties base on Mandalay. Doctrine are delivered by writer. Only a ruling party is left. They celebrated there times in there years. They are united, unity and active.
The meaning of writer’s doctrine are “The authority of country is move from villain’s hand to barbarian’s hand. We already felt the taste of villain and now we can feel felt a few taste of barbarian. The villains are not so bad because they didn’t destroy our sãsãnã, they just only persecute on sangha. But the barbarians are persecute on sangha and also destroy our sãsãnã. They destroyed from the root. Myanmar and Myanmar sãsãnã is on dangerous situation. We need to stay cautious”.