969 Sãsãnã Flag

969 movement was started on 2001. At that time isn’t age of vinyl, so making computer words with black and white. Support overwhelmingly. After that, the writer is arrive to Life University (prison). Writer was always thought how to create the logo of writer in Life University (prison). It was finished when writer arrived from Aoe Bo To Myit Sone. Photo no (1) is the logo of writer. Writer is using in current time. The meanings are

  • The three pillars are “Thila Magin Thone Par”
  • The three layers are “Thamardi Magin Thone Par”
  • The two roofs are “Pyin Nyar Magin Nha Par”

They are represents “Magin Shiit Par”. 969 numbers are put in between the three layers of Thamardi.

Photo no (2) is for flag yet and added with six ways of Buddha. It was aim for the flag make with cloth.

Photo no (3) is small flag for hand and aim for motor bike and car. Some country folks are greeted enthusiastically with honestly to nationalist sayardaw, so this logo flag is for greeting back to them. These flags are made by Wira Thway Group from Yangon.

Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 8:16