Thank You Letter for Birthday

Writer’s 49th birthday ceremony was held at Min Kone Mahar Monastery, Kyauk Se City on 26.6.2017.

Patriotic Sanghas, nuns, brothes and sisters are came for blood donation, doing sundry matters and donation funds for having merits. And patriotic brothers and sisters from Yangon were also celebrated writer’s birthday memorial blood donation ceremony at Mingalardon Military Hospital. Coincidentally, We Love Wira Thu signing campaign were held at Mon State and some township at Southern Shan State.

110 blood bags are received from Yangon blood donation ceremony and 230 blood bags are received in Kyauk Se blood donation ceremony. With those blood bags, each patient from interfaith nationalities will be free from diseases, May their families, be happy and fulfilled of their wishes.

Similarly, there have people who pray for writer by calling phone, sending SMS and CB message. May all beings, be healthy, successful, happy, peaceful, and safe and fulfilled of wishes.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 11:14