We Love Wira Thu (2)

The last signing campaign day of We Love Wia Thu in Mandalay. The campaign was held at in front of Buddha Ra Ki Ta (Daw Ti Tha Nat Khar) monastery. Went to there in evening for encourage. Ven Wan Ni Ta “Nan Oo Abbot – Mandalay Ma Ba Tha co-trustees” is donated food to patriotic volunteers.

Firstly, worship to Daw Thi Tha Nat Khar Monastery’s Paramount Patron Sayardawgyi. And greeting to patriotic brotherhood. After that take the photos with them. The persons who run signing campaign by themselves offered the signing record paper to writer. The people who love race, religion and sasaar affairs also loved Wira Thu.

Wira Thu is a Buddhist son who can’t divided him with race, religion and sasanar affairs. The person who love Wira Thu, May all beings. Be safe from various danger and pressure.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 8:57