Weak West Gate Keepers (5)

After finished meeting with Laung Dong villagers on May 4 morning, went to Kyine Chaung village. repared for having lunch at Kyine Chaung village monastery. Monastery campus is wide but not fully developed. It’s seems a few ethnic households were can’t support fully to monastery among the thousands of Bengali households.

Lunch was offered by Border Guard Force. It was from the shop. Can have pork menu from the shop even the village was a Bengali village. Writer can’t stay without praise to the Rakhine people who dare to sell porn dish among the Bengali.

After having lunch, we planned to travel to north division but it was canceled. Because the local reporter write the news and post at online like they suspend to writer group. A Lo Taw Pyaw Sayardaw was angry for that.

The reporters were not allow to enter Kyee Kan Pyin headquarter while we meet with supervisory officers at there. And it was made by the officials. It doesn’t relevant with writer. It was not close-door discussion. There have indigenous, monks and men at there. There have no secret. We were discussed about support plan for the fallen hero’s families and wounded person.

So, “the journalists were though the situation isn’t honest because they are prohibited to enter and they also thought normally donation are openly and freedom. But this time is strange.” As a consequence, they’re wrote the news with suspended style and published. And they used a photo of a security person holding gun and guarding writer. So, black and red are sending metta for that.

The worst thing is upload the photos along the trip. We already inform them for upload photos only on the way back. But the local reporter refuse that. We can’t go to Taung Pyo Lat Wal, Nann Yar Kaing village and border area because R.S.O can ambush to us. May Arakanese people will be free from terrorist,


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 11:55