Weak West Gate Keepers (4)

May 4, 2017,

Arrived to Laung Dong Village after donation at Kyee Kan Pyin Border Guard Police Headquarter. Laung Dong village have 96 houses and 432 people. Laung Dong village is NaTaLa (native village) and build by government. Before 105 households in the village but now only 96 houses left.

They started to build village with 33 households and one house got two acre for cultivation. Now people from that village got despair and they can’t do cultivation because of disturbs from Bengalis. Previously, hired Bengalis workers from Bengali village to cultivate at Rakhine Farms, next to their village. Although going well in beginning, now they can’t hire any Bengalis workers. So, they can’t do any cultivation even they own the land.

They said, even there have security forces guard them for doing farming at their paddy fields the crop can’t come out from the paddy fields. Because they driving a mass of hundreds of thousands of cattle to the paddy filed in the time of grain season. And also they stole the paddy with hordes of manpower in night time.

There has a Ma Ram Mar ethnic village in the group of Laung Dong. The village name is Maw Ki Taung. 15 households in that village. It is a little village stuck in the large village of Bengalis.
They are facing life safety risk. They have to worry because the students have to pass Bengali villages when they go to school. They have to worry for raping. The whole village go to sleep at Kyaine Chaung Village Monastery, in night time because they don’t dare to sleep in the village at night.
That was the poor life of our ethnic in our land. There have free 9 houses in Laung Dong village. And also have land for build the houses. That’s why they want to move whole village to Laung Dong village. But government doesn’t allow to move the village. They can’t move their village and no security force at there can happen violence on them.

Suggested to them for moving a house by a house and the houses who have women and students move first. In the group of Laung Dong village, Gyit Chaung Village is a Myo ethnic village. There are 43 indigenous ethnic houses. And they are traditionally through past generations. A Myo ethnic applying about the hardship of their lives because of 2012 Maungdaw uprising and 2016 Kyee Kan Pyin uprising. Laung Dong, Phaw Ki Taung and Gyit Chaung villages are unite as a family. Encouraged and explained about short-term and long-term projects for them. In the 96 households of Laung Dong, 62 houses were the relatives came back from Bangladesh and they stand with support from government and WFP. They don’t have any land for cultivation,

Since NaTaLa Village was built in 2006, 60 households are the people from Yangon. Now only 20 left. They are hand tightly penny persons and they didn’t run because of the uprising and between the risk remain. They are so poor because they have to leave their farm and they don’t have any other support. They presented to us because the other organizations didn’t support them. Making a plan for the 35 households who don’t have any support. They requested also a chapel for social occasion of joy or grief. Promised them to build a chapel with 40 feet width and 30 feet height and 10 feet for Buddha shelf.

The writer’s group is without a mandate is a group of the right to donate, so explained them we will cooperate with the authorities for supporting and also suggested them to recite “Namotassa” for abundant help for support.

Writer is donated 100000 kyats to monk from monastery and also donated 1 rice bag and 2.4 kg dried fish to every households. Supported 30000 kyats to an old woman for health issue. After that, shared the snacks to the children and it was so happy. The sacks are donated by My Cake Family from Tamwe Township in Yangon. Rice and dried fish are donated by the owner of National Prosperity Co.Ltd, U Soe Tun Shein family.