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The Victory of Law Ka A Linn Free Education School

June 16, 2017,

Arrived to Law Ka A Linn Free Education School in evening. The fresher students who passed grade nine to grade 10 were touched Myanmar Essay by Headmaster U Myint. Give some doctrine at there. Explained to the students about three kinds of normal work.

  • Study regularly
  • Earning goods regularly
  • Climb regularly (when climbing to mountain)


Doing exercise regularly, if you have to read the lesson, read it. If you have to calculate the math, calculate it. You will understand the meaning of the lessons and you will pass the exam. So, study regularly.

When you make a business, you have to be honest and make it straight, it will be permeant. But if you use the short cut ways, you will be fail.

When you climb to a mountain, if you rush you will be injured and not sure to get your goal. But if you climb regularly, is safe and you will get your goal. So do it regularly.

Today. Grade ten exam results are coming out today. There have 17 Fresher students of grade ten and 3 students are passed the exam. One student is passed with two distinction. And also 13 students are passed the exam from repeater class. The achievement of Law Ka A Linn Free Education is not high.

The students list who passed the exam are as follow.


  • Ma Chaw Su Wai (MaKaKha) 276, 2 D (Bio,Phy)
  • Ma New Ni Win (MaKaKha) 288
  • Ma Ye Myat Mon (MaKaKha) 1892
  • Mg Hein Htet Kyaw (MaNaMa) 3192
  • Mg Naing Thura (MaNaMa) 3724
  • Mg Sai Wai Yan Tun (MaNaMa) 8141
  • Ma Ei Ei Win (MaYaMa) 6317
  • Ma Thae Nu Swe (MaYaMa) 282
  • Mg Linn Linn Htet (MaYaMa) 2525
  • Mg Soe Moe Htet (MaYaMa) 2541
  • Ma Thiri Tun (MaYaMa) 2569
  • Mg Phoe La Pyae (MaYaMa) 2652
  • Mg Thet Naing Win (MaYaMa)6271
  • Ma Nhinn Nandar Win (MaYaMa) 6319
  • Mg Aung Moe Swe (MaTaKha) 113
  • Ma Mya Nandar Lwin (MaKaKha) 1941


Report by Ko Moe Aung (Law Ka A Linn)