The relatives who returned homeland (1)

My graduate of Life University has been approaching over 3 to 4 years. During these periods, I would come to Rakhin state annually. My previously tripe to the Rakhine state was to relieve the relatives who were terrorized by Ji- hads. But this very trip was not like the previous for the local relatives, and it happened to relieve the relatives from overseas. I helped the returned relatives in this very reason.

Our relatives who live and earn on honest living one ancestor after another in mountain range of Chitakong in Bangladesh, were worn down many more than those were terrorized. Now, terrorized and worn down by RSO and Q . I like Ji-hadism , our relatives returned (to Rakhine state ) one group after another to Rakhine state , Myanmar.

This year, I managed to take the trip to Rakhine state with the sense of knowing, seeing and giving relief why they returned? How they lived! What they needed! What difficulty they had! And so on. As soon as I reached Sittwe , I got the news . There was (6) families with (22) people who reached Hla yaung winn monastery.

At 08:00 AM, on March 16th in 2015 before the sermon ceremony I meet them in a hurry (6) families 22 people. They are the villagers from Maw Htoke lay ” Tan seik township ,Bantaraban & Ywar taw district Chitakong Mountain range ,Bangladesh .there are (143) house in Maw htoke lay .Only Rakhine (race ) live in there .

The torture made by R.S.O and Bengalis who returner from Rakhine; and of starvation, our relatives returned. After destroying monasteries, Buddha’s temples in kabasa town. Panwa –Ramu district in 2012, our relatives were suffered from persecution and torture given by both R .S.O and Bengalis with the intention to leaving one’s dwelling place.

They always demanded poultry and goats with paying no money .various vegetables were bought under standard price. Example : the Item worth ks-500/ was given only ks -200/.if these items were taken back , the transportation charge could not afford to pay , and no other places to sell and no other demand were offered. So, instead of leaving these items waste fully, they were sold out with the price they offered to.
Even though Rakine from products were bought under standard price, Bengalis from products were bought at standard price on the other hand.

In this way , all the from products vegetables and fruit got only transportation fare without mentioning the profit and the Rakhine farmer does not sell theirs in the trading center of the from products.
If we eat what we plant, there will be other necessary things we require; and lack of money food supply and dwelling is in a state of poverty. There is no place and authorized person to complaint about the disturbance of R.S.O.

Although the R.S .O don’t kill, don’t rape, don’t violate; they always seized our cattle .Both R.S.O and Bengalis, who loyal to the R.S.O and returned from Rakhine they oppressed unequally the price and buy what they want to. The government of Bangladesh doesn’t agree the returning. The head of the villager was scold when the villagers returned. The head of the village (Indian Barry) is Rakhine race.

Even though they don’t like our relatives returning home, who live in Chittagong; it’s said the government authority never warn or put down both the R.S.O and the merchants. R.S.Os do not stand as insurgent force, but they combine with D.R. DDR” Bangladesh border guard force.

The living is sound, there’s no prospects in business affairs of all and hard to live without food. So they took great ricks to return home and it look them (6) days to reach mother land . It had to take a foot trip in the mountain ranges early morning almost the whole day. When night come, it was time to take nest and the trip continued when it sit down . Actually, it was not easy going trip but inconvenience one with the children.

They took night stop at the kha-mee village in palatwa , Myanmar .They had to pay the head of the kha-mee ks -10000/.for the report to Hinsa linn camp .from the palatwa to kyauk taw via sittwe . They reached sittwe at 8:00A.M, on March 16th in 2015.

There was a young novice among them .His title of the novice is shinkhaymarsaya , who is eager to learn Myanmar literature . For the sake of it that young novice was ordained to novice-hood .His father is U sein hla maung and mother, Daw Hla mya sein. Even though there is no rape, no murder and no violation, in both Maw htoke gyi and Ma htoke lay. It is to be known and said was: the whole village was fired in Yantamani city, Yantamanidistrict , besides, three girls were raped and killed a month ago .

After consulting , the six families ,from Maw htoke gyi and Maw htoke lay ran away from there .there are six- hundred families with over three thousand people who returned from Bangladesh . They were placed in their respective village by Maungdaw Township Na Ta La (development for native of border region.

Heigh .ho ! Rakhin race ;Rakhin race ;
who was violated by muslim (Bangali ),
while lives in one’s mother land ;
And : who was torlured by muslim
While lives in Bangal;
It can not be imagined ;
When will our people ( Rakhine ” be free
From the danger of Bagali ( muslim)!

18.03. 2015
11:55 P.M