The People Who Love Wira Thu (1)

WE LOVE WIRA THU signing campaign was started two days ago. This campaign was organized by patriotic youth and Patriotic Myanmar Monk Union (Mandalay). The campaign was held at two place. First place is on Mandalay Nan Shae 19 Street and Ma Naw Ha Ree Street.

Yesterday was also crowded. Writer was came out from monastery for encourage to the pupils. Sanghas force are strong at 19 Street and manpower force are strong at Ma Naw Ha Ree Street. Taking photos with patriotic youth and junior monks. Their slogan are grate. Is about WE ALL WIRA THU.

There have many WIRA THU in Myanmar. Do you know why? Because they love race, religion and sasanar affairs.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

Pm 11:13