The Victory of Zaw Ka Bin Ma Ba Tha (3)

June 11, 2017,

WE LOVE WIRA THU signing campaign was started at Zwe Ka Bin Ma Ba Tha victory ceremony at Me Baung Monastery in Hpa Ann City, Karen State.

The leader are Won Tha Nu Ra Ki Ta Youths and Ko Thu Rein “A Nya Ta Ra Kat Pi Ya” from Myawadddy. The Karen ethnic were signed for the campaign, it was felt so powerful to see them. Myint Zaw is broadcasting live for signing campaign from facebook. The audience from facebook directly watch that live and they want to hold signing campaign in various townships. Nearly five thousand sign are received.

The signing campaign was held with full of faith on Nationalist mindset. There have no giving money, no using authority, no calling to sign, no announcement, no cheating and unfairly for signing campaign. It was fun. Thanks to venerable sayardaws, Ma Ba Tha leader sayardaws, the sanghas and patriotic Karen ethnic.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 9:57