Weak West Gate Keepers (3)

May 4, 2017,

Leaved from A Lo Taw Pyae Monastery, Maung Taw City in morning. Firstly, chose to go northern division of Maung Taw by the plan of A Lo Taw Pyaw Sayardaw U Ma Ni Sar Ya and U Tun Myin Oo from local. Arrived to Kyee Kan Pyin headquarter. It seems headquarter gives direct order to Township administrator. Township administrator is requested for leaving the reporters outside and do not come into main hall. Because of that writer’s camera men also can’t go inside. The local reporters from Maung Taw also left on car. Only sangha and U Tun Myit Oo can go inside the hall. Later, Phoe Thar from Rakhine Youth Group is arrived.

The purpose of going to Kyee Kan Pyin is getting the details list and address for supporting to the fallen police men families and the wounded police men families. Thu Ra U San Lwin (Supervisory Officer) is explained the conditions of uprising period.

And he said he’ll lead and take responsible for sending donated funds to fallen and wounded police men. Donated 200000 kyats to each of 9 fallen police men and 5 wounded police men. Donated on the behalf of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association, Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association opened a requested donation project about Rakhine State and that project have over 4000000 donated funds. And 2800000 kyats are donated from that project in this Rakhine tour.

Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association is transferred money urgently from bank to donate them. A Lo Taw Pyaw Sayardaw U Ma Ni Sar Ya is suggest for supporting the police forces who served our country in northern Maung Taw division. So we are discussed with supervisory officer. We planned to donate rice and dried fish for them. They give a promise for they’ll share back equally to them. When writer meet with Thu Ra San Lwin, writer delivered a doctrine word to him about don’t be like Aung Ko.