Vietnam Family Donation

June 2, 2017 – 5 PM,

The donation ceremony was celebrated at New Ma Soe Yein Monastery. Donated juice, detergent powder, pen and exercise book to New Ma Soe Yein Monastery’s patron abbots, lecture abbots and student monks by a tour group from Vietnam.

First of all, worshiped together at Dharma Ma Hade Di Monastery, led by Paramount Patron Sayardaw Ven Var Thay Htar Bhivamsa. After that, donated offering things sangha. They also donated at A Ma Ya Pu Ra Mhar Gan Nar Yone Monastery in the morning, and they came to donate here in evening. Today donation was led by Ven Ka Wade Nar Lan Kar Yar Bhivamsa from Mahar Gan Nar Yone Monastery.