The Victory of Zwe Ka Bin Ma Ba Tha

June 11, 2017-10 AM,

Arrived to Hpa Ann City, Karen State with Sayar Mg Thway Chon. Ko Thu Rein is welcomed us before arriving to Than Lwin Bridge. The ceremony of Karen State Ma Ba Tha, held at Me Baung Monastery in Hpa Ann City. The ceremony plan to start on 1 pm. Writer was arrived before lunch time. Ko Thu Rein shows the view of live broadcasting from the Me Baug Monastery.

Karen ethnics are holding WE LOVE WIRATHU vinyl and opening nationalist songs for welcoming. The monks from Yangon, Mandalay, Meik Hti Lar and War Kel Ma are welcomed when writer arrived to Me Baung Monastery. Taking photos with them and go inside to monastery. Paying respects to San Pya Monastery’s Map Sayardawgyi from Ma Yan Gone Township, and Hlaing Bwe Ma Ba Tha Chairman Sayardawgyi and Me Baung Sayardawgyi. Me Baung Sayardawgyi is spoke with loud speaker to audience. When writer arrived to there, Sayardawgyi announced The One with the Whole World is coming.

Thanks to the Me Baung Sayardaw, other venerable sayardaws and patriotic people who came to Zwe Ka Bin Ma Ba Tha ceremony.

Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)
PM 8:52