The Victory of Zaw Ka Bin Ma Ba Tha (2)

They announced ceremony will be started on 1 pm, but it’s started on 12 pm because the audience from various township were arrived to ceremony. Map Sayardawgyi Ven Kaw Sa La from San Pya Monastery, Ma Yan Kone Township in Yangon City was delivered Geography Religion History.

Mya Pagoda Ye Kyaung Sayardawgyi was delivered the doctrine about to unite under the shadow of Myine Kyi Nguu Sayardawgyi and Zwe Ka Bin Sayardawgyi. Writer also delivered the doctrine about the losing chances of the host and a poem called Thay Sat Cha Yae Lan Pya Myee. After that, lawyer U Aye Paing and Sayar Mg Thway Chon were delivered the speech. After Sayar Mg Thway Chon, Chairman of Hlaing Bwe Ma Ba Tha Sayardawgyi was delivered the doctrine actively. And Sayardawgyi is received the best speech prize from audience. (Will described separately)

And the other sanghas who attended to the ceremony, presented their issue. Conclusion doctrine was delivered by Zwe Ka Bin Sayardawgyi. The sanghas and audience are clapping their hand and cheer to Sayardawgyi. (Will described separately)
Withdrawn the ceremony after announcing the statement. 1700 sanghas, 100 nuns and 23000 audience, total amount 24800 were attended to the ceremony. Victory Forever!!!! Zwe Ka Bin Ma Ba Tha.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)
PM 9:05