Meal Donation of Patriotic Family

June 4, 2016 – 11:00 AM,

The donation ceremony was celebrated at Ta-6/91, New City (1) Quarter, Chan Mya Thar Se Township, in Mandalay.

Celebrated at U Min Soe Tun @ Ta Yote Kyi Min Min and Daw Mya Thandar (Real Estate)’s house. Five sanghas, included Taung Sin Te Monastery Abbot and Wira Yar Zar (Saffron Revolution) were invited to donation. After lunch, giving sila and reciting Paritta Sutta. Writer was delivered a few Namottasa Gone Kyay Zuu sermon.

Writer just getting to know the family is patriotic family. When we came to their house, they are welcoming to us by praying and sending metta like preaching ceremony. For safety, healthy, long live. They are rare audience.