Ma Ba Tha Conference (First Day, Night)

May 27, 2017,

The conference was held again at 7 pm.

Delivered the doctrine by Ywar Ma Sayardawgyi. After that, the sangha from oversea were separately discussed. Before the discussion, Doctor Ashin Oate Ta Ma Siri is introduce each of oversea sangha to the audience.

Theravada and Mahayana sangha from Thai, Lao, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tibet, China, Taiwan, and Netherland were came and awarded to conference. Discussed with English language. The person who understand the language come to listen their discussion.

We were separately discussed with the venerable sayardaws included Ywar Ma Sayardawgyi and leader Sayardaws. At the other place, Mandalay Ma Ba Tha’s Sayardaws are discussed with the leader Sayardaws from States and Divisions. Discussed about three topics at three place in one night. Gratifiable first night of the conference.