Ma Ba Tha Conference “First Day, Morning”

May 27, 2017 – 8 AM,

The ceremony was being started and Ywar Ma Sayardawgyi “Chairman of Ma Ba Tha (Headquarter)” was delivered the doctrine. Shwe Ya Tu Tipitaka Maw Kyun Sayardaw is explained the experiences of Ga Bar Aye on 23rd.

The 4th conference is more teeming crowd than other year. Not only Ma Ba Tha’s member monks and people but also the people who love race, religion and sãsãnã, came to conference with force even they are not Ma Ba Tha’s members.

It’s seems we have to thank red government for making one exercise in one year to us for not being clod blooded persons. There have two strange things. The first one is the patriotic monks and people force, came to the conference with their awareness and will and without invitation letter.

The second one is the sangha force from oversea, even they were received the conference canceling message, they’re came to the conference for Buddha Sãsãnã Affair. The doctrine of Ywar Ma Sayardawkyi is about “Ma Gin 8 Par”.