June 4, 2017 – afternoon,

Arrived to Law Ka A Linn Free Education School. It was Sunday and full of students at there. Sayardaw U Dhamma Sar Mi is teaching English subject to the students. Encouraged to the students and suggested them for to do attending school, studying lessons and doing exercise regularly.

Law Ka A Linn Free Education School was founded on 2012. 78 fresher students in present time. The requirements of Law Ka A Linn Free Education School’s teachers and students were used from writer’s Dharma funds.

There have no other donor for constructing building, fencing, painting, repairing the desks. That’s are founded by writer’s wage. Law Ka A Linn Free Education is locate in corner of Yuzana Street and 53 Street, Mya Yee Nandar Quarter, Chan Mya Thar See Township in Mandalay.