Entrance Exam for Lecture Class of New Ma Soe Yein Monastery

Started on 25.5.2017, every full moon day and new moon day. Over five hundred sangha at Par Yar Zi Kat Class, over three hundred sangha at Sila Khat Class and another over three hundred sangha at Atha Sar Li Ne Class. Writer is on duty at Ata Sar Li Ni class with Ven Kaw Nyar Na Lan Kar Yar Bhivamsa, patron abbot from Dhamma Si Ta Tu Monastery.

The youth monks who finished Sasana Daza Dhammciriya Titile  are also guard duty for this class. The monks have to answer three weeks exam and need to get 50 marks for every weeks for staying at New Ma Soe Yein Monastery. The exam is also called as War So Period Exam.