NAGANI Money Saving BoxNews

Achievement of NAGANI money saving box

No (1) NAGANI money saving box for Sa Quarter in Pyi Kyi Ta Kon Township was established on 1.9.2013.

Capitalize 10000000 kyats for them and now they can saved 15855000 kyats. 236 members in present time. 2587000 kyats are supported for the member’s health issues. 155 members are 150000 kyats role and 81 members are 50000 kyats role in Sa Quarter NAGANI money saving box. There have 7 NAGANI money saving box and total members are 779 persons.

The capitalize money amount by the writer are 55230000 kyats and interest amount are 59439500 kyats. Total, 6987000 kyats are supported for the member’s health issues and 260000 kyats are supported for the ration. Total operation amount are 114779500 kyats. Use as funds for each quarter.

Capitalize over 50000000 kyats by the writer and NAGANI money saving box members were can saved over 50000000 kyats. NAGANI money saving box members were achieved with their force. And the capitalize money are writer’s wages. But the authorities thoughts these capitalize money are Ma Ba Tha’s money and they investigate on this.

One more thing, do not think the members have to follow writer because of the capitalize money. They’re voted the party as their wishes and writer never told to them about vote for this party and do not vote for that party.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)