Weak West Gate Keepers (2)

May 3, 2017,

Arrived to Yay Chan Pyin pier (other side of Sit Twe pier), Ya Thae Taung Township in evening. Welcome by Rakhine citizen led by A Lo Taw Pyae Monastery Abbot U Ma Ni Sar Ya. Wen to Maw Taw City with car. Rested awhile at Pe Yone village in Maw Taw Township. Pe Yone village is a “Border Areas Nationalities Development Village”.

The village was founded with 10 houses since 1991. Now 115 houses. 550 people are lived at there. When built village, one family received 3 acre for farming. Among the multiplier people, 17 families don’t have farm for their living and they have to do general works for their living with many difficulties. Donated one rice bag and 2.4 kg dried fish to people from 17 families.

They also have place for monastery, but there have no chapel, hall because of is just only beginning for them. We have to talk at temporary shelter. Suggested them to go with the god for their lives and give some money to the kids for buying snack. Pe Yone Na Ta La village is a first village of 2017 Rakhine tour.