Weak West Gate Keepers (1)

May 3, 2017,

Arrived to Yangon airport in morning. Met with the sanghas and people who plan to join for Sit Twe at San Taw Win Restaurant. Ten sangha and eight person male.

U Ka Hlyar Na and U Iade Na Wu Da from “Yangon Division Ma Ba Tha”, U Za Ni Ta and U Nay Made Na from “Tide Kyi Ma Ba Tha”, U Kay Tu Mar Lar, U Su Sate Ta, U Tay Za Wot Na from “Patriotic Myanmar Monks Union” and U Kay Sa Ya “A Da Ma War Da Tide Phyat Yay Patron” and Wira Thet Myo Oo, Dhamma Won Thar Nu members and patriotic people are included in this tour.

Arrived to Sit Twe City in afternoon. Welcome by the sangha led by A Lo Taw Pyae Sayardaw U Pyin Nyar Zaw Ta and indigenous led by Ko Phoe Thar from Rakhine Youth. Rested awhile at A Lo Taw Pyaw Monastery and start to Maw Taw tour.

Go with motor boat from Sit Twe pier to Yay Chin Pyin pier and then with car to Maw Taw City via A Nguu Maw road. Writer was traveled to Rakhine State every year since 2012 from 2017, when writer came back from prison
Always supported peopleto the poor west gate keepers with writer’s Dhamma offering money (donated by the audience for writer’s preaching around in country) and the donors who donated to Rakhine people. Writer was thought because of civilian democracy government writer don’t have the Dhamma offering money and can’t go to Rakhine State in this year 2017. But, by the donation of U Soe Tun Shein “National Development Company Chairman, Secretary of Dhamma Won Thar Nu Ra Ki Ta Association and the donor of Ma Haw Tha Dar School”, unexpectedly could traveled to Rakhine State. The usual time to there is on March and April of a year. For this year, could started when arrived on May.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 8:36