To Maw La Myine (6)

April 4, 2017,

In evening, arrived to Mote Ta Ma City and rested for a while at Mya Pagoda Nan Oo Monastery (Mya Nann Abbot’s Monastery). The organizers of preaching ceremony are youth monks. They are the pupils of Mya Nann Abbot and Hi Ta Da Ya Abbot. Ma Har New (Mya Nann) and A Shin Su Sate Ta (Daryit Za Dhamma) are led preaching ceremony.

Nationalist singer Linn Htike is entertained with nationalist songs to audience. They offer respectfully a poem compose for writer. U Su Ma Na from Kyite Ka Mhee Abbot is preached sila and pouring water sermon. The audience were listened respectfully opening sermon CD name by U Pyit Khaw Say Taw Vi Mote Ti (Freedom Sermon) by writer.

Ma Har Nwe (Mya Nann) was preached rejoicing sermon. The audience are worship with a poem compose by A Shin Yar Zade Na (Dhamma Nwe) while writer going to stage and came back from stage. While opening sermon CD of writer, some audience are closed their eyes with mask and listened sermon. Mote Ta Ma City preaching ceremony was amazing.

The shots record video with drone, welcomed by the people who wore together “we are Wira Thu” t-shirt. Audience are closed their eye with mask while they listening sermon. The supporters of Ma Ba Tha from ten township were came for listening sermon.