Shan State Tour (2)

April 5, 2017,

Arrived to Si Ta Gu Monastery from Taung Gyi City in evening. Welcome by Taung Gyi Won Thar Nu, Taung Gyi Ma Ba Tha and patriotic people. Taung Gyi tour is not for preaching ceremony. Only for worship by audience.

Dhamma Wira A Shin Tay Za Ni Ya from (Ma Ba Tha Headquarter) has to preach two nights in 5 days preaching ceremony. They planning worship to writer on first night preaching by Dhamma Wira A Shin Tay Za Ni Ya. They’re also shared advertise for writer separately. Ma Ba Tha, Won Thar Nu and patriotic people were donated funds to Law Ka A Linn Free Private Tuition School, NAGANI money saving box, Myanmar Workers Rescue Association, Caring Project To Ra Khine Citizen, race, religion, sãsãnã affairs and charity works. And the audience who came for preaching ceremony also donated to writer. The writer is just only sit on altar saying sadhu and worship by the audience. A friend of writer’s A Shin Pyin Nyar Tate Khar Lan Kar Yar Bhivamsa “Taung Gyi Ma Ba Tha” preached on behalf of writer.

A Shin Eain Dar Sa Yi Ya from A Rade Na Ma Ma Soe Yein Monastery, Aung Pan City doing master of ceremony. Although writer was sit on altar and didn’t preach, and also didn’t close writer mouth with tape, the audience are in sad mood and crying.