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Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School’s Opening Ceremony

May 11, 2017 – 1 PM,

The venerable monks, teachers, school committee members and the parents of students were attended to ceremony. After delivering doctrine by writer, teachers are greeting to the audience. After that, school committee chairman U Moe Aung is donated 1 dozen exercise book, pencil, ball pen, ruler and pencil box to each of student. Feed juice and bread to audience. Opened for the fresher who passed grade 9 exam and attend to grade 10. Over 60 students. When matriculation exam result is coming out, there will be repeater classes for who didn’t pass the matriculation exam. In 2006-2017 education year, 52 fresher students and 82 repeater students are attended in this school.
Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School was founded on 2012. The requirements of the school were used from writer’s Dhamma offering funds donated by the audience. Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School is only open for grade 10 student. Not only teaching for education but also religion, culture and politeness. The school is locate at corner of Yu Za Na Street and 53 Street, Mya Yee Nandar Quarter – Ma Ma 12 in Chan Mya Thar See Township.


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