Myanmar Worker's Rescue Association

Ma San Kay Khine and Ma Thazin are my relatives!!!!

There was a group named “Myanmar Worker’s Rescue Association”. 1 branch in Yangon and 1 branch in Mandalay. Both are founded by the writer. The main aim of the group is to help and rescue for the children and the girls who worked without their desire at Chinese or Muslims shops and houses.

And these groups have results of helping those cases in Yangon, Mandalay, and Taung Gyi cities.
Now, Yangon group is contacting the victims for helping. Gave bribery to the Da La police and negotiated to Myanmar Now reporter seems like the criminals are already given the bribes to Human Right Commission.

Giving the bribes was the usual way of the Muslim. We’re admired to Myanmar Now’s reporter Ko Swe Win. Human Rights Commission (Myanmar) is a bare-facedly infringement on the law and order. It can be accepted if they complained to police and get compromised for closing the case while they facing the law at the court. But now it’s against from the process of the police and the law.

Giving money is the compensation. Judgment by the law is required by the law to criminals. We can fire these crime makers for making crime by legal actions with child abuse, human rights and many. We learn that human rights commission and the government shouldn’t be left behind the laws.

Especially induces to National consultant and former law and order committee chairman, the person who proclaim for law and order in present time, the senator from the Kouk Mhu constituency for decisively handle for this case.


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)
12:50 PM